Movie: ‘Free State of Jones’

NEW YORK (CNS) –- The ambitious historical drama “Free State of Jones” (STX) considers a little-known aspect of the Civil War: armed dissent within the South born of opposition to how the war was being conducted and to the principal reason it began. Earnest and frequently riveting, the movie revolves around Newton Knight, the Mississippi […]

Faith, tried and true, gives hope for future, pope tells Armenians

YEREVAN, Armenia (CNS) — A solid, sorrow-tested Christian faith gives believers the strength to overcome even the most horrific adversity, forgive one’s enemies and live in peace, Pope Francis said. Arriving in Armenia June 24, Pope Francis went straight to the twin concerns of his three-day visit: Promoting Christian unity and honoring the determined survival […]

With record-high temperatures, volunteers help keep the vulnerable safe

PHOENIX (CNS) — As triple-digit temperatures hit the desert Southwest, charities are working overtime to keep homeless and vulnerable people safe. “This is our winter,” said Shannon Clancy, chief philanthropy officer for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Phoenix. “Out West when the heat turns up, the need actually increases.” So far in […]

Saints’ relics seen as reminder of today’s threats to religious liberty

BALTIMORE (CNS) — Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori linked urgent matters of “immigration, marriage and the church’s teaching on sexuality” to a pair of 16th-century martyrs during a June 21 Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Baltimore that began the fifth annual Fortnight for […]

Moral principles and hospice/ Weddings and mortal sin

Q. Please tell me how Catholics justify hospice care, especially withholding food and water from the patient. Doesn’t this starve the patient to death? And doesn’t the heavy medication they use actually cause death? (Illinois) A. Patients are typically admitted into hospice care when curative treatment has been deemed futile and the prognosis is that […]

Tourists must blow whistle on trafficking during Olympics, religious say

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Religious priests, brothers and sisters in Brazil are urging everyone attending the Olympic Games to report instances of exploitation of vulnerable people and to turn in suspected traffickers. Their campaign, “Play for Life,” invites tourists, residents and visitors “to take a stand, not to submit passively to the arrogance of those […]