Movie: ‘The Legend of Tarzan’

A loud summertime diversion, the movie wants to provide something for everybody — at least those seeking a history lesson, a passionate romance, or a rousing adventure in which the good guys are easy to distinguish from the bad. And yet, despite also offering many stabs at humor, the topsy-turvy, tongue-in-cheek quality reminiscent of Gilbert and Sullivan is mostly inadvertent.


NEW YORK (CNS) — Like its source material, Roald Dahl’s eponymous1982 children’s book, “The BFG” (Disney) comes packed with specialized terms for its own fantasy elements. A golden phizzwizard, for instance, is the best kind of dream, while frobscottle is a fizzy drink that produces a less-than-dreamy intestinal reaction referred to as whizpopping. As gentle […]

Movie: ‘Free State of Jones’

NEW YORK (CNS) –- The ambitious historical drama “Free State of Jones” (STX) considers a little-known aspect of the Civil War: armed dissent within the South born of opposition to how the war was being conducted and to the principal reason it began. Earnest and frequently riveting, the movie revolves around Newton Knight, the Mississippi […]

Movie ‘Central Intelligence’

NEW YORK (CNS) — A high IQ is not a prerequisite for seeing “Central Intelligence” (Warner Bros.). What this dimwitted action comedy demands instead are stamina and perseverance. Yet another entry in the long roster of buddy films, as directed and co-written by Rawson Marshall Thurber, “Central Intelligence” aims high with a pair of oversized […]

Movie: ‘Warcraft’

NEW YORK (CNS) — Anyone who has ever doubted the genius of Catholic novelist J.R.R. Tolkien need look no further than the heavy-handed video game adaptation “Warcraft” (Universal) for confirmation of his gifts. Populated by orcs, wizards, dwarves and elves, as well as more or less ordinary human beings, director and co-writer Duncan Jones’ film […]