First Century FEAST November 30 In the synoptic Gospels, Andrew is a Galilean fisherman grouped with his brother, Peter, and with James and John in the inner circle of apostles; in John’s Gospel, he is the disciple of John the Baptist who is the first to follow Jesus and who brings his brother to the […]


Fourth Century Feast Date: December 6 From the ninth century in the East and the 11th century in the West, Nicholas has been one of the most popular saints in Christendom and art, and the patron of many countries, dioceses, churches and cities. He was bishop of Myra in Lycia (now Turkey). According to folklore, […]

Peter of Alexandria

died 311 FEAST November 26 Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Peter headed its catechetical school before being named bishop-patriarch in 300. In his early church history, Eusebius called Peter an excellent teacher. Peter fought two heresies, Arianism and Origenism, and for much of his episcopate encouraged his people to remain Christian in the face of Emperor […]


Second Century FEAST November 23 Felicity, or Felicitas, is thought to be a widow who was martyred in Rome about 165 and buried in the cemetery of Maximus on the Salerian Way. According to a legend, she had seven sons and was devoted to charitable works. When pagan priests complained about her winning converts to […]


Third Century FEAST November 22 Cecilia was honored as a martyr from about 545. According to a written legend, “The Passion of St. Cecily,” she was a Roman Christian of the patrician class betrothed to the pagan Valerian. But she told him she had made a vow of virginity, and persuaded him to convert. His […]

Nerses I

333 – 373 FEAST November 19 Nerses was educated in Cappadocia (Turkey) by St. Basil. He married and had a son (St. Isaac) before his wife died. After becoming an official at the Armenian court, he was ordained a priest. King Arshak chose him as patriarch of the Armenian Church. A reformer, he founded monasteries […]