Simon and Jude

First Century Feast Date: October 28 Listed among the Twelve Apostles in the New Testament, Simon is “the Canaanite” to Matthew and Mark and “the Zealot” to Luke; Jude is “Thaddeus” to Matthew and Mark, “Judas of James” to Luke, and “Judas, not Iscariot” to John. After Pentecost, they disappear. However, according to Eastern tradition, […]

In Holy Land, Franciscan finds peace in prayer, ministering to pilgrims

As the Franciscans celebrate the 800th year anniversary of their presence in the Holy Land, a sacred role the 300 friars from 34 countries continue to play, Franciscan Father Wladyslaw Brzezinski reflects on his role as superior at the Church of the Visitation in Jerusalem and the mission of the care of the Franciscan Custody of the 29 shrines in the Holy Land.