Nerses I

333 – 373 FEAST November 19 Nerses was educated in Cappadocia (Turkey) by St. Basil. He married and had a son (St. Isaac) before his wife died. After becoming an official at the Armenian court, he was ordained a priest. King Arshak chose him as patriarch of the Armenian Church. A reformer, he founded monasteries […]

Catherine of Alexandria

c. 287-305 Feast Date: November 25 Catherine is thought to have been born to a noble family in Alexandria, Egypt. Through a vision, this scholarly young woman converted to Christianity and began evangelizing others, including the wife of the pagan emperor who was persecuting Christians. According to legend, after she defied the emperor and refuted […]

Charles Borromeo

1538 – 1584 FEAST November 4 Though Charles suffered all his life from a speech impediment, his intelligence and zeal made him an outstanding figure of the Catholic Reformation. In 1560, he was named a cardinal and administrator of the Archdiocese of Milan by his uncle, Pope Pius IV, but was kept in Rome to […]

Simon and Jude

First Century Feast Date: October 28 Listed among the Twelve Apostles in the New Testament, Simon is “the Canaanite” to Matthew and Mark and “the Zealot” to Luke; Jude is “Thaddeus” to Matthew and Mark, “Judas of James” to Luke, and “Judas, not Iscariot” to John. After Pentecost, they disappear. However, according to Eastern tradition, […]

Francis of Assisi

1182-1226 FEAST October 4 The son of a wealthy Italian merchant, Francis was a playboy who experienced a profound conversion after going to war for Assisi, being imprisoned, and enduring a debilitating illness. He renounced his family and riches, and lived a life of radical poverty and service because he believed Christ had asked him […]

Vincent Strambi

1745-1824 FEAST September 25 Vincent joined the Passionists as priest in 1768. Over three decades he served as a leader of the congregation, ultimately as provincial. In 1801, he became bishop of Macerata in central Italy. Vincent reformed the diocese by caring for his priests. He built a seminary, staffed it with gifted teachers, and […]

Vincent de Paul

1581-1660 Feast Date: September 27 Born in southwestern France, Vincent began priestly studies in 1595 and was ordained in 1600. In 1605, he was taken off a ship attacked by pirates. After two years as a slave in Tunisia, he escaped and returned to France, taking up parish work outside Paris. From about 1615, he […]


First Century FEAST September 21 One of the Twelve Apostles, this tax collector is called Matthew in one Gospel (Mt 9:9) and Levi in two others (Mk 2:14 and Lk 5:27). Scripture scholars believe they are the same man because the call and shared meal with Jesus are similar in all three accounts. He sometimes […]

Our Lady of Sorrows

  FEAST September 15 This feast, a patronage for all the sorrowing, honors Mary’s tribulations as Jesus’s mother. Blessed Henry Suso, a German mystic who lived 1295-1366, practiced devotions he called the Five Joys of Mary and the Five Sorrows of Mary. Father John de Coudenberghe, a parish priest in Flanders, began preaching a devotion […]