Luigi Orione

1872 – 1940 FEAST March 12 The founder of The Little Work of Divine Providence, which encompasses two active and two contemplative religious orders for men and women as well as a lay movement, was born in Italy’s Piedmont. After early sojourns with Franciscans and Salesians, he entered the seminary of the Diocese of Tortona […]

Blessed Daniel Brottier

1876-1936 Feast Date: February 28 Daniel was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Blois, France, in 1899, then taught school for three years. But the foreign missions beckoned. He joined the Congregation of the Holy Spirit and served eight years in West Africa. For health reasons he returned to France, where he raised money […]

Perpetua and Felicity

died 203 FEAST March 7 Martyrs in Carthage, now in Tunisia, these young women — the noblewoman Perpetua and the slave Felicity — were among five catechumens who, after refusing to worship the Roman emperor, were arrested and condemned to be thrown to wild beasts. They were baptized in prison, where Felicity also gave birth […]

Cyril and Methodius

Ninth Century Feast Date: February 14 These Greek brothers were distinguished even before they became “the apostles of the Slavs.” Cyril taught in Constantinople and Methodius was a provincial governor. About 863, after ordination, they went as missionaries to Moravia, where they had considerable success, partly because they knew the Slavonic language. But their mission […]

John Bosco

1815-1888 Feast Date: January 31 Born to a poor family in Italy, this patron saint of editors and laborers is considered one of the great social saints. Ordained a priest in 1841, he was sent to study theology in Turin, where he became a magnet for neglected youths during a turbulent period of rapid industrialization […]

Francis de Sales

1567 – 1622 FEAST January 24 Born in the Duchy of Savoy (now France), Francis studied at Annecy, Paris and Padua, and was ordained in 1593. He spent four years reconverting Catholics who had become Calvinists, writing many tracts to explain basic tenets of the faith. In 1602 he became bishop of Geneva, which he […]

Marianne Cope

1838-1918 Feast Date: January 23 Barbara Koob was born in Germany, and moved to the United States with her family when she was 2. She entered the Sisters of St. Francis in Syracuse, N.Y., serving for 20 years as a teacher and hospital administrator. In 1883 she traveled with six sisters to Hawaii to minister […]

John the Apostle

First Century FEAST December 27 John and his brother, James, Galilean fishermen called the “sons of thunder,” were chosen to be among the Twelve Apostles. John was with Jesus at the Trans-figuration, in the Garden of Gethsemane and on Calvary. It was to this “beloved disciple” that Jesus entrusted his mother’s care. John evangelized in […]


First Century FEAST December 26 Christianity’s first martyr was probably a Greek Jew. Stephen’s story is recounted in the Acts of the Apostles. He was among the first seven deacons chosen to serve the Hellenist Christian community in Jerusalem. But the wonders he worked rattled local Jewish leaders. Witnesses at his trial before the Sanhedrin […]