Hyde Amendment has a bipartisan past but a cloudy future

Most people who keep an eye on life issues know the shorthand about the Hyde Amendment — that it bars the federal government from funding abortions through Medicaid.
But the amendment does more than that — although not everything pro-lifers may wish it could do — and with the amendment’s 40th anniversary Sept. 30 just passed, it may do well to remember how it all came about.

Congo church suspends mediation bid amid rising tension

The pope expressed concern about the crisis during a 20-minute meeting with Kabila at the Vatican Sept. 26, a week after security forces dispersed opposition protesters in Kinshasa, killing 49 and injuring and arresting hundreds more. A Vatican statement said both sides had underlined the need for “a respectful and inclusive dialogue” among politicians, civil society representatives and religious communities.

Advocates celebrate that climate change agreement will take effect soon

With a global agreement that addresses climate change now ready to go into effect, advocates took a moment to celebrate the milestone, but called for further actions to reduce carbon pollution. The deal goes into effect Nov. 4, four days before the U.S. presidential election. Democrat Hillary Clinton supports the agreement while Republican Donald Trump opposes it.