Seminarian snapshots – Mitchell Weidner

The Diocese of St. Cloud has 13 seminarians in priestly formation at five seminaries.

Some men enter the seminary right after graduating from high school or while they are attending their first four years of college. These men enter at the college level, or minor seminary. After graduation, they move on to four years of theology at a major seminary.

Other men discern their calling to the priesthood after they have completed college. These men enter what is called “pre-theology,” usually at a major seminary for two years, and then enter four additional years of theology.

In honor of National Vocation Awareness Week, Nov. 5-11, The Visitor is featuring “snapshots” of the diocese’s newest seminarians, who share something about themselves and their vocational calling.

Mitchell Weidner

Age: 21

Mitchell Weidner

Home parish: St. Margaret, Lake Henry

Seminary and year of study: Immaculate Heart of Mary, Winona, College 2

Most loved movie: “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie”

Favorite college course so far: Mysteries of Salvation

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life it would be: Buffalo Wild Wings boneless honey BBQ wings

What makes you laugh the most: Crazy times when my siblings are all together

Favorite prayer: Rosary

Song you would sing at karaoke night: “Surrender” by Cheap Trick

Top three hobbies or activities: Reading theology, participating in athletics/lifting weights, playing pool

• What is your favorite thing about being Catholic?

It would have to be the celebration of the sacraments, but especially the Eucharist. For us unworthy humans to be able unite our bodies and hearts with Jesus, who is fully present in the consecrated host, is something you can’t get anywhere else on Earth.

When a person understands this intimate act of love that Christ gave us, it is life-changing.

• Who has been instrumental in helping form your faith? How?

I’d have to say my older brother Dan. When I got to college, I just went through the motions of the faith and didn’t really wish to go deeper. But through his example of authentic manhood on how he lives out his relationship with Christ and how he loves his wife, he showed me that there’s much more to live for. Over time, I realized the only way to true happiness comes from a relationship with Christ that comes above everything else, and through that, it inspired me to come to seminary.

• What advice would you give to someone who might be called to a religious vocation?

Take action. If the call to religious life has lasted for any significant amount of time, look into it by doing your own research, visit a seminary or convent, and talk to a local priest about it, and they’ll help you to know what God may be calling you to. I can almost guarantee that whatever vocation you’re called to, a true and active discernment of what God’s will is for you in your life will be extremely beneficial to your faith and relationship with him.

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